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All boats that join Sanlorenzo’s pre-owned yacht fleet receive a new lease of life. Sanlorenzo’s tailored maintenance program puts the traded-in yachts in the expert hands of knowledgeable and qualified staff. This guarantees the perfect condition of the boats offered to new owners. This is an opportunity to look at pre-owned yachts from a totally new perspective
Navetta 33
Year 2015
€ 7.500.000 (+ VAT)
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Navetta 26
Year 2010
€ 3.000.000 (+ VAT)
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82 Yachts
Year 2014
€ 2.850.000 (+VAT)
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Maiora 24
Year 2003
€ 750.000 (+ VAT)
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750 Fly
Year 2016
€ 2.800.000 (Leasing)
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Pershing 56
Year 2008
€ 595.000 (VAT included)
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Itama Yacht
Year 2013
€ 2.650.000 (VAT included)
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