Superyacht division

Pure lines, elegance, balanced proportions: even from a distance,
a Sanlorenzo superyacht is recognizable at first glance. But then there is much more.
Once on board, you can breathe in the atmosphere, enjoying the seamless layout,
grasping through all your senses the painstaking attention to detail. If all this is possible today,
it is thanks to the vision of Massimo Perotti, who led Sanlorenzo into the world of metal superyachts in 2007.

Made to measure

These yachts offer owners the luxury of spaces that are totally customized in terms
of subdivision and furnishings, adapting to personal tastes and passions,
precisely like high fashion creations perfectly made to measure.
Sanlorenzo knows how to resolve the apparent contradiction of the finest craftsmanship
that coexists with the most advanced technology.

Alloy Range

The Alloy range was spawned from the desire to create continuity with the original SL fibreglass planing yachts while adding innovative new elements. This unique design has been a pioneer in the modern yachting trend to increase the continuity between the interior and enhanced exterior design. 

Steel Range

Combining speed, habitability and elegance with cutting-edge innovation, our Steel vessels are our best-selling models. Their unique strength and amenities contribute to an enhanced yachting lifestyle, making the Steel range a truly incomparable value.

Explorer Range

Borne out of a desire to provide the most adventurous owners with the possibility to discover more remote corners of the world, the Explorer range is a realised idea of a yacht that combines luxury with outstanding range capability. Experience its impressive breadth of capability, generous internal space and large area for smaller craft.

E-Motion Range

Sanlorenzo’s attention to the development in the diesel/electric and hybrid fields applied to a new,
complete range, called E-Motion. This technology allows the yacht to be propelled by a full Diesel Electric power source combining variable speed generators with lithium batteries and a cutting-edge power management software.
This allows the yacht to function in greater silence, freeing up valuable space, and enables the yacht to visit areas previously inaccessible as a result of environmental regulations.


The first was the 40Alloy, which immediately became an icon. Then came all the others, 25 delivered to date, from 40 to 70 meters and beyond, built for many owners who were already part of the Sanlorenzo family. This success is the result of the ability to combine sophisticated lines with innovative features, immediately setting new trends.
Select by all fleet
Ocean Dreamwalker III - 500Exp
Length 47.00
KD - 52Steel
Length 52.00
Globas - 460Exp
Length 42.78
Seven sins - 52Steel
Length 52.00
Ocean's Four - 460Exp
Length 42.78
X - 460Exp
Length 42.78
Moka - 460Exp
Length 42.78
Liliya - 40Alloy
Length 40.80
Scorpion - 46Steel
Length 46.00
Tesoro - 40Alloy
Length 40.800

Superyacht Division

Finest craftsmanship and advanced technology

Pure lines, elegance, balanced proportions: even from a distance, a Sanlorenzo superyacht is recognizable at first glance.

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