Sanlorenzo trade in yachts

The epitome of easygoing elegance and refined luxury all of our
in-stock yachts have been fully customized for the Americas market
.Featured in the Americas Edition package are technical, layout and interior
design options such as tropical air conditioning, redundancies
across main yacht systems, open functional layouts, Americas appliances,
and so much more.

SL Yacht range

The main characteristics of this line are the timeless design
of its contours and its exceptional navigational features, which make it fit for
every sea condition: flying bridge motor yachts in fiberglass, with a planing
hull, ranging between 76 and 118 ft

SX Yacht range

The new crossover line by Sanlorenzo, combining comfort and innovative
solutions inherited from the Explorer vessel experience. Elegance,
performance and contact with the sea at its best.