Product commitment

We are committed to studying both technological and technical solutions that can reduce the impact generated on the marine ecosystem
We aim to be a proactive player in complying with increasingly stringent environmental regulations, thus also responding to the different needs of stakeholders. Sanlorenzo, also through the creation of partnerships with universities, research centres and companies supplying systems, components and materials, has a direct role in the management of research and development activities.

I think that having land and not ruining it is the most beautiful art that anybody could ever want.

(Andy Warhol)

Many solutions developed by our engineers over the years have been patented, such as the asymmetrical configuration introduced on some models or the system for launching and hauling tenders on board.
Some of these innovations have become milestones. With the first SX model we introduced the so-called "zero emission" system, whereby the boat at anchor uses lithium batteries, allowing the generators to produce all the energy needed for life on board, but with zero emissions and in perfect silence.

The R&D department's activity is increasingly focused on the realisation of highly sustainable projects, in which technology, innovation and interdisciplinary knowledge can merge to achieve industry-leading results.
A significant aspect in limiting the impact on the environment is also the life cycle of our yachts, whose duration lasts at least 30 years. Sanlorenzo has always been committed to promoting the concept of "timeless boats" to owners, and by offering the Sanlorenzo Timeless refit service we try to encourage customers to bring their yachts back to life through restyling and technical upgrades.