Cannes Yachting Festival 2018

Sanlorenzo presents 2018 new modelsat Cannes Yachting Festival

From 11th to 16th September Sanlorenzohas participated in Cannes Yachting Festival, the most important European Boat Show to presentsome absolutely innovative proposals in the year of its 60th anniversary:

SL102, the first asymmetrical yacht in the world
The SL102 rethinks the well-established layout of a yacht, only keeping the deck on the starboard sideand eliminating the port side one, which is carried on the roof of the structure,allowing through this asymmetrical configuration, never tried before, to recover about 10 square meters of area to benefit the interior.

SX76, the new-born of the “SX” line
A synthesis between the classic motor yacht with flying bridge and the recent and growing explorer model, the SX76 keeps all the style features of SX88, in a smaller version such as:the availability of large open spaces and big windows, the wheelhouse located on the flying bridge, which can be enclosed and air-conditioned, the living room area at the bow on the main deck which, cleared from the wheelhouse, that can be dedicated to the dining room or, becoming a single open environment from stern to bow (as in the version designed by Piero Lissoni) and the swimming platform at the stern which can become a garage or a beach club.