Sanlorenzo is a partner of “LericiPea Golfo dei Poeti Award 2019”

Sanlorenzo once again confirms its particular creative design acting as a partner of the LericiPea Golfo dei Poeti Award, an annual appointment for the promotion, spread and enhancement of poetic excellence in Italy and the world, held in Lerici on 28-29 September.

Breaking down boundaries and shaking off dogmas and imposed rules, over the years Sanlorenzo has decided to open its doors to new creative languages, different and multiple forms of expression, including art and design, to counter the rigidity of the yachting sector.

Confirming these strong ties to the territory, Sanlorenzo has also decided to sponsor the construction of the new “Walk of Poetry” that will be opened on 29 September named for the poet, writer and playwright Sem Benelli.