Sanlorenzo launches the new High-end Services division

To reflect both its ethos of excellence and market position, Sanlorenzo has created High-end Services. A division entirely focused on the proposal of a 360° package of services, to which only Sanlorenzo clients will have access. This peace-of-mind proposal provides innovative services never offered before in the yachting sector: tailor made Leasing/financing packages, Sanlorenzo Charter Fleet, Crew Training at the Sanlorenzo Academy and the Sanlorenzo Timeless maintenance/refitting packages.

Tailor made Leasing/financing packages for each Sanlorenzo client.

Sanlorenzo Charter Fleet: the first single-brand charter program in the yachting sector

Crew training at Sanlorenzo Academy to provide the highest standard of crew, selected and trained to meet Sanlorenzo owners’ needs.

Sanlorenzo Timeless: it includes three types of services, each complementing the others, Refit, Restyle, Lifetime care.